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Social Emotional Play


"The right to play is the child first claim on community. Play is natures training for life."

Frederick Froebel


Social emotional Learning is the process by which students learn the skills necessary to understand and manage their emotions, set and achieve their goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions. Since play is an immersive and direct way that children experience and learn about their world there is an opportunity within play to support, actualize and embody the important lessons being taught in Social Emotional Learning. Energizers, team-building, imaginative and creative play can be structured to support any SEL curriculum. In this training we will explore:


* How energizers can be used effectively within any curriculum


* How imaginative and creative play are powerful learning tools for all ages


* How to deepen any play experience through reflection and effective debriefing


* How an emphasis on cooperative and integrative social play fosters empathy and teamwork


* How to make recess fun for everyone



Movement Drives Learning


"Exercise is like Miracle-Gro for the brain."

John Ratey, M.D.


One of the positive and powerful benefits of play is it often incorporates an abundance of active movement. More and more research verifies that vigorous exercise is a vital component contributing to a a healthy brain, optimized for learning.


Wellness and fitness expert Brian Allison teams with Howard Moody to create a dynamic presentation on how you can weave more fun and fitness into all areas of education.


* How to energize your students with simple focused bursts of movement spread throughout the day


* How movement simulates healthy brain growth


* Fun games that will get students of all ages moving and having fun



Mindfulness Play


"Play so that you may be serious."



There is a movement in education throughout the world that is gaining great interest. It is the Mindfulness in Education movement. Buoyed by the success of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) in the medical field many educators have adapted the work to share with children in their classrooms. Reputable scientific research is showing that children and adolescents are having great success learning how to focus their attention, calm their emotions and improve their ability to concentrate through mindfulness. Mindfulness is the opening to the truth of what is right in this moment, revealing a life marked by courage, openness and compassion.


For mindfulness to be truly accessible to young people it needs to be approached in a lighthearted, open curious and playful manner.


Children experience the wonder and awe each day through play and since Play also brings us quickly into a present moment experience bringing mindfulness into play and play into mindfulness is a wonderful combination.


Howard has worked directly with Daniel Rechtschaffen one of the world leaders in the mindfulness in Education movement. Play supports mindfulness in many ways and in this training we will explore the exquisite balance of how Play and mindfulness support each other.



Creative & Imaginative Play


"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Albert Einstein


Sir Ken Robinson has one of the most searched TED talks in the field of Education. The title of his talk, “How Schools Kill Creativity” is truly thought provoking. He believes strongly that schools need more dance, theater, art, movement and creative expression of all kinds.


On my home page I state that my training's are, “For People Truly interested in the Importance of Play.” This is the essence of what my training's are about. How play is vitally important in a child's life and for creativity and imagination to flourish we need as much creative and imaginative play as possible.


In this workshop you will learn:


* About present day research on the importance of play based learning.


* learn many fun creative play activities that work across a broad spectrum of ages and learning abilities.


* How play sparks imagination and how to fully support that process


* How cooperative play can be fun and exciting


* How current research supports more recess time not less


* How to energize recess and make it the best experience for everyone.

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